Management System

HAEM has established and implemented an integrated management system governing quality, environment, safety, and health driven by the
fundamental principles of sustainable management to carry out its all of its business activities in a more organized manner.

  • [Quality Management System Certificate]

  • [Environmental Management System Certificate]

  • [Health and Safety Management System Certificate]

HAEM is a company with a long history of creating value for customers. We have established an integrated system in the areas of
quality, environment, and safety and health management that is more systematic and embodies the fundamental principles of
sustainable management across all of its business activities, and we operate these systems according to the policies underlying each field.

Quality policy

All employees will repay its customers with the
best quality by engaging in activities aimed at
preemptively improving quality, and by making
better quality a part of people’s everyday life.

- Achieve customer satisfaction based on
customer requirements and compliance with
relevant laws and regulations.

- Boost corporate value by securing the best

- Rsystematic risk management, einforce
precautionary activities with and
continuously maintain/manage the quality
management system.

Environmental policy

All employees actively participate in activities
aimed at preventing environmental pollution
and improving the environment to help people
build pleasant and prosperous lives, and to
ensure continuous growth and development of
the company.

- Comply with domestic and foreign
environmental laws and regulations and
establish/enforce strict internal standards.

- Establish, implement, and maintain detailed
goals to prevent environmental pollution and to
continue improving environmental

- Establish and implement an appropriate
environmental management system to
effectively achieve the company’s
environmental goals and business objectives,
and to continue improving performance with
regular monitoring and measurements.

Health and safety policy

HAEM promotes health and safety using its
health and safety management system created
based on its principle of respecting humankind.

- Strictly comply with the laws and regulations as
well as company policies related to health and

- Identify risks in advance across all business
stages and establish preventive measures.

- Secure a safe and comfortable working
environment and maintain workplaces in the
best possible condition.

- Ensure the participation of all employees in
health and safety activities and encourage
voluntary actions.

- Management continues to express its
commitment to health and safety and provides
the necessary resources.