Conflict Minerals

What are conflict minerals?

Conflict minerals refer to minerals (tantalum, tin, tungsten, gold, etc.)
that are collected, produced, and sold illegally in conflict-ridden countries in Africa
(e.g. Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, etc.)
Rebels and armed anti-government groups in these countries force civilians
to work for minerals, and even put children into mining.
Rebels and armed anti-government groups use profits created using these inhumane
actions to expand their power (e.g. Bulk purchasing of weapons)
That is why the United Nations has focused on regulating conflict minerals since 2009

Conflict Minerals Policy

HAEM complies with international standards and policies prohibiting the use of conflict
minerals (tantalum, tin, tungsten, gold, etc.) mined and distributed under the influence of
militia forces in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and neighboring regions.
Accordingly, HAEM hereby declares that it does not use the above-mentioned minerals.
Furthermore, it shall share information on conflict minerals policies with business
partners, so that the conflict minerals policy can be expanded and implemented further.