Ethical Management

HAEM Co., Ltd. considers compliance with market rules and practices,
and fulfillment of ethical responsibilities driven by social norms as its underlying mission.
HAEM promises to reinforce its corporate competitiveness through honest and transparent
business activities aimed at sustainable growth, and to fulfill its corporate social responsibility.
To this end, HAEM will enforce a code of ethics, and set it as standard for all employee activities.
All employees will be expected to comply with HAEM’s code of ethics in good faith.

Compliance with laws, regulations, and ethics

- HAEM employees shall comply with the laws and regulations in each country and the local community and follow all relevant ethical norms.

- HAEM employees shall strictly comply with the company's management policies and regulations and fulfill all responsibilities and obligations.

- HAEM employees shall protect the company’s assets, proprietary information, important information, and shall not distort information or disseminate false information.

Fair competition

- HAEM employees shall compete fairly and in good faith, and secure competitive advantages through lawful and just means.

- All transactions shall be executed on an equal footing. HAEM employees shall maintain an attitude of mutual trust and respect,

and shall not exert undue influence by using a superior position or office.

Clean organizational culture

- HAEM employees shall not engage in unethical conduct, and shall not engage in inappropriate monetary transactions.

- HAEM employees shall not bribe, offer entertainment, or engage in other inappropriate acts directly or indirectly with companies,
individuals or public officials with a vested interest.

Respect and consideration for employees

- HAEM provides equal opportunities to all employees, and treats them in a fair manner according to their ability and performance.

- HAEM creates an atmosphere where individuals can be creative, and a pleasant working environment.

- HAEM does not discriminate against any employee based on academic background, hometown/region, gender, or religion.

Emphasis on the environment and safety, social responsibility

- HAEM employees shall comply with international standards, relevant laws, and internal regulations related to environment and safety.

- HAEM employees shall play a leading role in using resources efficiently (e.g. recycling of resources), and also preventing safety accidents
by complying with relevant safety rules.

- As a member of society, HAEM employees shall strive to build trust in the company by fulfilling their responsibilities and obligations.