Ethical Management

Reporting Violations

1. HAEM accepts reports of violations against ethical management (e.g. employee fraud and unfair business processes)

2. Report using whichever method is most convenient.

Reportable Violations

1. Accepting money or goods

2. Demanding entertainment

3. Accepting favorable treatment

4. Engaging in unfair monetary transactions with stakeholders

5. Receiving future guarantees

6. Using company assets for private purposes

7. Handling business affairs unfairly, etc.

Reporting Method

1. E-mail : cdy2512@haemcom.com

2. Phone: 031-488-9060

3. Fax: 031-488-9068

4. Mail: 15084, 133 Gongdan 1-daero, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

5. Website: http://www.haemcom.com

Reporting Procedure

1. HAEM will send notifications regarding the progress on reports via e-mail, etc.

2. HAEM will keep the identity of each informant strictly confidential.

Reporting Violations

The identity of each informant and the content of each report shall remain confidential. No informant shall suffer
disadvantages or penalties as a result of his/her report.

Confidentiality: The identity of each informant and the content of each report shall be kept strictly confidential,
so that the informant’s identity and reported content are not disclosed.

Guarantee of Status: No informant shall be subject to any disadvantages or discrimination in his/her status as a result of his/her report.

Notification on the collection and use of personal information
HAEM Co., Ltd. hereby notifies you of the following matters in accordance with relevant laws and regulations regarding the collection and use of
personal information by companies/groups and individuals.

1. Purpose of using collected information: Counseling and execution of processes.
2. Collected/used items: Subject, name, contact information, e-mail, inquiries (reports), etc.
3. Retention and use period: Collected information is retained for 6 months from the conclusion of counseling, or the collected information is deleted immediately upon request of the information provider.
4. Personal information processing manager: Tel 031-488-9060