Welfare and Benefits

HAEM strives to create a happy workplace where employees can work with joy and excitement.
  • Convenient working environment

    Flexible work system : Employees can choose
    working hours (flexible work hours system)

    Pension/Insurance : National pension,
    national health insurance, employment insurance,
    industrial accident insurance,
    retirement pension (severance pay)

    Transportation : Commuter bus service,
    company vehicles available

    Paid-leave : Semi-annual, annual,
    personal leave (important family affairs)

  • Education and training

    Training for new employees

    Training for job competencies

    Education to improve leadership

  • Health and safety

    General health checkups

    Special health checkups

  • Hobby support

    Paid-leave support for employees

    Support for in-house hobby clubs

    In-house fitness club

  • Boosting morale


    Support for important family affairs

    Souvenirs on traditional holidays and Labor Day

  • Other support

    Partial subsidy for cell phone
    telecommunication expenses

    Support via the Naeil Chaeum Mutual
    Aid program for young employees